Ai-based inspection system

Creating Trust whenever an item changes hands

Capture a Video/Photo

Manually using a smartphone Automatically using a CCTV Camera

We analyse it

Our state of the art Deep Learning and Computer Vision models automatically analyse your pictures.

Get an Automated Report

A comprehensive list of the damages with its information:

  • Categorization and position in the item
  • Severity and repare/replace cost

Keep Track of the Histroy

Open the Dashboard and get access to the past data and relevant analytics.


Share, Resell, and Buy used items
with total peace of mind.

We Detect More

We Detect Faster and at a Lower Cost

  We Create Trust Between Parties

The Future of Insurance

Forget the endless and painful processing of claims. Monk provides with a seamless integration in your ERP. Once our system installed : claim management becomes child’s play.

AI-Empowered Solution

our AI-based solution certfies the state of any item.

We use Deep Learning & Computer Vision to enable transparency and to remove the gray area that exists whenever the condition of an object needs to be assessed.

Our Awesome Team

Aboubakr Laraki

Co-founder & CEO

Fayçal Slaoui

Co-founder  & CTO

Ruben Scherman

Deep Learning Researcher

Ramzi Benhariz

Computer Vision Researcher

Mentored by the Best

Jérémie Jakubowizc

  • Chief Data Officer at Veepee
  • AI professor at l’Ecole Polytechnique

Raphael Bonaque

  • Former Lead Data Scientist at Tiime
  • PhD in Machine Learning from INRIA

Patrick Sayer

  • Former CEO of Eurazeo
  • Board Member at Europcar

Driss Ibenmansour

  • CEO at Bird France
  • Former Manager at Uber

Ecole Polytechnique

Ecole Centrale Supélec

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